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Game Of Thrones' New Coffee Cup: A Water Bottle Snuck Into The Finale

First a coffee cup, now a water bottle.


Game of Thrones no doubt has one of the biggest production budgets in all of TV, but production mistakes continue to happen in its final, abbreviated season, which has often been criticized by some fans for feeling rushed. While production of the show has concluded, it appears that HBO will need to allot some resources to another round of removing an object with visual effects. Just like the coffee cup that appeared earlier this season, the series finale has somehow included another, incredibly similar gaffe involving a beverage container. Episode 6 spoilers follow below.

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed a plastic water bottle that can be seen behind Samwell Tarley's leg in one shot of the council scene of the finale, "The Iron Throne." This was noticed by fans on Twitter, and we've confirmed it ourselves.

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You can see the water bottle just behind Tarley's left leg. Take a look for yourself in the image below. Amazingly, a second water bottle was also seen next to Ser Davos, and you can check out a screencap of that further below. That one actually appears in more than one camera shot, which is just hard to believe, but we've verified it's there--at least for now.

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As noted above, this is just the latest mishap for Game of Thrones Season 8, as an earlier episode--The Last of the Starks--showed a Starbucks-like coffee up on a table in front of Daenerys when she and the survivors of the Battle for Winterfell celebrated their victory. (It was later revealed to be from craft services, not Starbucks.) HBO digitally removed the cup in the days after the episode aired, but the internet never forgets. It seems likely that HBO will also erase the water bottle, but we'll see if it jokes about this incident as it did last time around.

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The Game of Thrones series finale wrapped up the story that began back in 2011 and revealed who ultimately won the Iron Throne. For more on the episode, you can check out our list of Easter eggs in the finale and related content linked below.

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