Game Of Thrones Episode 5 Preview: HBO Trailer Sets Up Season 8's Final Battle

The Game of Thrones is coming to an end.

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We've got just two episodes left. Game of Thrones Season 8 is the show's final one, and we're nearly wrapped up--but there are still 160 minutes left to resolve questions like who will control the Iron Throne and Westeros, who will kill Cersei, and will anyone please just give Ghost the love he deserves. Episode 5 is up next, and hopefully we'll get some of the answers we're all seeking. Episode 4 spoilers ahead and in the video above.

As it does each week, HBO has released the preview teaser trailer for Episode 5; you can check it out above. It doesn't give a ton away, but along with some Episode 5 photos, we can piece together some clues of what to expect. These teases have sparked some theories, including the idea that there could be more dragons in Westeros, although that seems unlikely.

As you would expect after Episode 3 was dedicated entirely to the biggest battle the show has ever seen, Episode 4 was more of a breather. It dealt primarily with the fallout of Episode 3, featuring a funeral ceremony for the many who perished (albeit, few whose names we actually know). Those left in Winterfell had a big celebration, with Gendry being made into the new Lord of Storm's End, among other things. If you're all caught up, check out our rundown of Episode 4 Easter eggs you might have missed.

There were some significant developments, primarily involving Dany's dragon, Rhaegal, and Missandei. Bronn and the crossbow Qyburn gave him also showed up, although it wasn't used to kill Jaime or Tyrion--yet. And The Hound left Winterfell to head south on unfinished business that we can only hope will take the form of Cleganebowl. Varys and Tyrion also had a potentially very important conversation about the choice between Dany and Jon, which only came after Jon sharing his big secret with Arya and Sansa--the latter of whom then shared the news with Tyrion.

Episode 5, like the final episode after it, has a runtime of 80 minutes. That puts it just ahead of this week's episode and two minutes behind the record 82-minute Episode 3, which also boasted the show's best-ever ratings.

The downfall of making the show available through a variety of streaming services is that it means more possibilities for leaks to occur before the show airs, and HBO has been grappling with some tough ones in Season 8. The four previous episodes leaked partially or in full before their air dates, so you can potentially expect the same to happen with Episode 5. Naturally, you'll need to be careful out there: the night is dark and full of spoilers. And coffee cups, as HBO confirmed with a joke before it digitally removed it from Episode 4.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episodes, Dates, And Runtimes

  • Episode 1: 54 mins (April 14) -- read our review
  • Episode 2: 58 mins (April 21) -- read our review
  • Episode 3: 82 mins (April 28) -- read our review
  • Episode 4: 78 mins (May 5) -- read our review
  • Episode 5: 80 mins (May 12) -- check out the preview photos
  • Episode 6: 80 mins (May 19)

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I don't like how they are forcing Daenerys to turn evil. And they killed my favorite girl in the show. In chains! Daenerys always had a strong personality. She has to. She is a little girl and she has to rule people in a world dominated by men. She has to appear intimiating. But she is also a kind hearted person, who wants to rule not only because of birthright, but because people deserve better than fear and blood. That's why so many people followed her to the other end of the sea. But now her heart is full of vengeance. Will she do the one thing she decided to avoid? Will she become a tyrant herself?

Her allies are about to betray her or dead. Her lover and strongest ally is her most dangeous contender. In the end he won't have a choice. Varys wants her dead. And appart from that I agreed with everything he said about the right ruler. And Sansa... She didn't even give her a chance. Now the secret is out and we know who has the favor of the north.

Episode 3 humiliated Jon by having him abandon Daeny and Sam to do... nothing. Episode 4 turned Daenerys into her mad king father. The way it goes these two will end up killing each other when they could rule together as ice and fire. And who will sit on the throne? Tyrion seems the best choice with Sansa as his queen maybe? Or she can stay in Winterfell. That's not a proper ending. Not because it's not what I expected, but because we watched Jon and Daeny in those seven seasons grow into the leaders the seven kingdoms need, only to have them deconstructed into an unwilling useless boy and a vengeful tyrant for the last part. That's not a twist. It's out of character. I hope it will end well but...

Avatar image for tma_hayabusa

@michaeldark: well said...