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Game Of Thrones Coffee Cup Has Now Been Removed By HBO

Better latte than never.


As Game of Thrones heads towards its epic conclusion, the latest episode delivered one of the most controversial moments in the show's eight year run. Never mind the shocking twists, epic battles, and cold-blooded murder--Season 8, Episode 4 revealed that Daenerys likes to relax with a takeaway coffee. After seemingly everyone on social media took it upon themselves to inform HBO that a coffee cup had been left on the set in one shot of the latest episode, the network has now removed it.

The cup appeared briefly on a table on front of Dany, as she sits watching people flocked around Jon Snow, singing his praises for his prowess in battle. HBO subsequently admitted their mistake, amusingly stating that Dany had in fact ordered a "herbal tea." And while many presumed that the cup was from Starbucks, it was also confirmed that it was in fact from the production's craft services.

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However, fans looking for the offending cup on the network's streaming platforms HBO Go and HBO Now will no longer be able to find it. Overnight the scene has been altered and the cup has gone. Check out the two comparison screenshots below:

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