Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall Mobile Game Adds Jamie And Melisandre

Another Lannister rides to the battlefield in Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall, joining Melisandre and more.


Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall has received another update, adding Jaime Lannister and Melisandre the red priestess to the mobile adventure RPG. While the setting of Beyond the Wall serves as a prequel to the events of the HBO adaptation of George R.R. Martin's acclaimed series, the addition of Jaime and Melisandre comes with content specific to both characters' involvement in iconic skirmishes like the Battle of Winterfell.

Players of Behaviour Interactive's Game of Thrones mobile endeavour can look forward to all-new story content for Jaime and Melisandre. If you fancy playing as the illustrious Westerlanders Commander then you'll be able to re-live the Battle of Goldroad, where the Lannister armies took on the Targaryen dragons and the Dothraki.

If you want to pursue a path that's a little frostier, then playing as the Great Priestess of R'hllor from Assai will give you the opportunity to head to the far reaches of the North. Should you choose to play as Melisandre, you'll be able to take part in the Battle of Winterfell, fighting your way through a key event from the series

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Once you've completed the first levels of both the new storylines that are available with the latest Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall update, you will have access to both Jaime and Melisandre, and you'll be able to permanently add them to your roster of heroes from the Seven Kingdoms. This means that you'll be able to use them in battle in these new narratives as well as throughout other events in the game.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is currently available on the iOS store, the Google App Store, and on Huawei's App Gallery after being translated into 10 languages. If you're eagerly waiting on Martin to finish the next instalment of Game of Thrones then you may well be waiting a while, but something like this could be a nice way to tide yourself over and for fans of the series to relive the most exciting moments of the franchise - the battles.

Players who input the code in the following tweet before May 28 will also be able to pick up some items courtesy of Melisandre officially launching in the game, so get those thumbs twiddling and active your Tyrell cunning; you don't want to miss out.

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