Game of Thrones Actor Sean Bean Narrates Civilization 6 Tech Tree

The flavor text on the upcoming RTS's tech tree will be voiced by the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones actor.


A big name has joined Civilization VI to lend his voice to some of the game's narration. After voicing an early trailer for the game, Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings actor Sean Bean narrates Civilization VI's tech tree.

As pointed out by PC Gamer, Bean voices the flavor text for the different techs you can research in the game. When you complete research of a tech, you'll hear the actor say a relevant historical quotation. From an early look at the game, it seems that he's got a pretty good voice for it, too.

Bean isn't the first celebrity to provide voiceover for the tech tree, though. Star Trek star Leonard Nemoy voiced Civilization IV's tree. After his death in February 2015, Civilization V featured the voice of Morgan Sheppard, who had minor roles in Star Trek.

Hopefully, Sean Bean's role in Civilization VI is safe enough that no misfortune will befall his character. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many of his other roles. His death in Lord of the Rings is well-known, but he also ran into some bad luck in Doom--and he's not even part of Doom's cast.

Civilization VI launches on October 21 for PC. We were recently able to go hands-on with the game, and you can read our preview here. We also compiled the five biggest changes that Civ VI makes to the series.

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