Game of Thrones action RPG coming from Atlus

Action role-playing game based on fantasy epic gets a publisher, early 2012 release window.


The ongoing A Song of Ice and Fire series has been a favorite among fantasy buffs for more than a decade, and its popularity has exploded with the recent HBO Game of Thrones adaptation. A real-time strategy game based on the franchise from Cyanide Studios hit shelves in September, and now the same developer has a publisher for its in-development Game of Thrones action role-playing game.

Atlus is publishing a game of Game of Thrones.
Atlus is publishing a game of Game of Thrones.

Atlus announced today that it will be handling publishing duties for the Game of Thrones action RPG adaptation. The game will feature many familiar locations from the books, and likenesses of some of the actors from the HBO series.

The "30-plus hour" game puts players in the shoes of one of the two original characters with different motivations. As former members of Robert's Rebellion, players will have to battle through numerous quests as power over the Seven Kingdoms is contested.

On the gameplay front, the title will feature an "active slowdown tactical combat engine" that slows time and lets players make strategic battle decisions. Character interactions and player decisions are also said to have a big impact on the game's world.

In news that is likely to please fans, Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is directly involved with the creation of the game's scenarios and story. Cyanide studio director Yves Bordeleau told USA Today, "All the situations and storyline were written under [Martin's] monitoring in order to fit with the story the fans have already read, and thus fulfill their expectations."

The Game of Thrones action RPG is set for an early 2012 release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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