Game Masters: Yu Suzuki and Yuji Naka

Meet the men behind Shenmue and the original Sonic.


This interview is part of GameSpot's Game Masters: Behind the Talent feature, which explores some of the biggest names in game development. The feature coincides with a new exhibition celebrating video game culture taking place at the Australian Centre for Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne, Victoria.

Yu Suzuki

The man behind Shenmue, Yu Suzuki, explains how the smiling faces of players motivates him to do what he does.

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Yuji Naka

The lead programmer behind the original Sonic the Hedgehog, Yuji Naka, speaks about programming speed, the calculations behind game designs, and the artistry of being a programmer.

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Avatar image for Spazzh20

Fat chance people. Shenmue was supposed to be 4 games. So even if they finish 3 they would need to get another 70 million dollars to finish it the way Yu Sazuki wanted it to.

Avatar image for SuperB56

I'd smile if the Shenmue HD rereleases and Shenmue 3 were completed and released. I would have a huge smile on my face then.

Avatar image for JuanKing

Shenmue 1 & 2 were truly epic games back in the day. Shame they never made a Shenmue 3.

Hopefully the rumoured HD remakes will generate enough money and interest to justify finally finishing the epic tale.

Avatar image for bakagami

We Want Shenmue 3, We Want Shenmue 3, We Want Shenmue 3

wait a second...I forgot I never heard of it

Avatar image for 0m39AX

Shenmue 3 please! Could be on 360/PS3/PC, Live Arcade, PSN, or even a classic limited edition for Dreamcast(pretty much like other titles that were launched way after the console was comercially dead). I just don't care. Ryo MUST take Lan Di and discover more about Dragon Mirror's prophecy.

P.S. - Just recently bought Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, SEGA Bass Fishing, Sonic CD and Space Channel p.2 for Live Arcade.

And I wouldn't mind playing remakes of some Sega Saturn classics, also, or others DC titles. Altough I still have my Saturn and Dreamcast in perfect conditions, I'd gladly spent some coin of Virtua Cop 1&2 / Fighters Megamix / Panzer Dragoon 1&2&Saga / Fighting Vipers 1&2.

Avatar image for pasofreak

I grew up appreciating Sega, but now it seems as though they're a shell of their former glory. It's a shame :(

Avatar image for iAmristar

Can we have Shenmue on the PS3, please.

Avatar image for JGD85

It's cool to see people wanting Shenmue 3 but also pretty annoying. You know there's a reason why you're not gonna see Shenmue 3. Sega invested a tremendous amount of time and money on the franchise and it bombed. A lot of you same people clamoring for Shenmue 3 never supported the Dreamcast or bought the original games, rather you were begging mommy to get you a PS2 for Xmas.

Avatar image for slayerSS-3

We want shenmue 3!!!

Avatar image for kenjing1

Hey Yu Suzuki, you will put ALOT of smiles on peoples faces when you release SHENMUE 3 already!! ;)

Avatar image for chrissheva

Yu Suzuki - True Master)

Avatar image for shinryusan

Wish i had the chance to play Shenmue, last game i played by Sega was Phantasy Star on PS2. Should try Yakuza though..any thought on this one ?

Avatar image for ANUBISZER0

I'm never going to give up hope on Shenmue 3. "Hang-on 100 Yen a game."

Avatar image for szymon247

Maan, Sega don't know what gem they hold with Shenmue. Such an amazing game, unlike any other.

Avatar image for Georg_Maximus

Until Sega makes a sequel to Viking - Battle for Asgard, I'm not interested in whatever they have to say. Make more Viking - please!

Avatar image for Pr0ving4Gr0undz

I wish i never played shenmue

Avatar image for shantd

How about the men behind Bayonetta? All deference to fans Sonic & Shenmue fans, but the only IP in years that I care about from Sega is the vivacious witch.

Avatar image for kuda001

@shantd Jet Set Radio as well.

Avatar image for Soniczero1993


It's simply due to the fact Bayonetta has not existed for 21 years.

Avatar image for justinka777


i love Bayonetta too but im certan that when you say "sega" to someone the first image that pops in to their head is a little blue heaghog in red sneakers.

Avatar image for shantd

@justinka777 True enough, and I've no idea how much Sonic sells these days. Could be massive in Japan for all I know. I just feel that, given how few and far between Sega's blockbuster hits have been for the last several years, they shouldn't take a masterpiece like Bayonetta for granted and put a sequel on the back burner. Somehow, it seems that's exactly what they've decided to do. A perplexing decision to say the least.

Avatar image for Pete5506

@justinka777 @shantd

That and JSR music starts playing in my head.