Game Masters: Singstar and Lego

We chat to the creative minds behind two of gaming's biggest franchises.


SingStar (2004)
SingStar Singalong With Disney

This interview is part of GameSpot's Game Masters: Behind the Talent feature, which explores some of the biggest names in game development. The feature coincides with a new exhibition celebrating video game culture taking place at the Australian Centre for Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne, Victoria.

Paulina Bozek - Singstar

One of the minds behind the Singstar franchise, Paulina Bozek, speaks about coming into game development from a pop culture and media perspective, and creating a game with casual entertainment in mind.

Phil Ring and Jonathan Smith - TT Games

Phil Ring and Jonathan Smith from TT Games talk about playing with huge licensed film franchises in the video game sphere, as well as making dark themes and death safe with the power of Lego.

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