Game Jam 2: Virtua Fighter Quest announced for GC

Sega-AM2 announces its Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary Special Project for the GameCube.


TOKYO - Sega-AM2 has announced its development of Virtua Fighter Quest (working title) for the Nintendo GameCube at the Sega Game Jam 2 event in Japan. The game will commemorate the series' 10-year anniversary.

According to Yu Suzuki, the creator of the Virtua Fighter series, the target audience will be both adults and younger players. Although a specific genre has not been announced, Suzuki said, "We plan to put adventure and RPG elements into the game. We intend to include all the characters from the series, not just some. And based on the plan documents in my hands, I can say right now that the A button is for kick, and there is a health gauge too."

Virtua Fighter Quest for the GameCube is currently scheduled for a 2003 release in Japan.

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