Game Jam 2: Sega-AM2 announces Beach Spikers for GameCube

AM2's arcade beach volleyball game will be its first title for the GameCube console.


TOKYO - At the ongoing Sega Game Jam 2 event, Sega-AM2 has announced it will release Beach Spikers for the Nintendo GameCube. The game was originally released in the arcades last year in Japan. The console version will feature an arcade mode, a versus mode, and a world tour mode.

The arcade mode allows players to choose from one of 16 teams and compete in a tournament with eight other teams. The versus mode supports four-player simultaneous play as well and players can also make rule changes. In the world tour mode, players will create their own original team and enter in eight different competitions. Since the player's partner will be running based on AI, players will be able to train their partner and make them better. As players win matches, they will receive points which they can use to raise their partner's stats, which include serve, receive, attack, block, toss, power, and response. Players will also have a "teamwork percentage," and can work their way into making it closer to 100 percent over the course of the world tour mode. In addition, every time players change courts, there will be a short session where they can give comments to their partner. For example, if a player's partner performed well in one set, they can praise their partner, resulting in an increase in teamwork percentage.

Beach Spikers for the GameCube is expected for a release during the summer in Japan.

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