Game in 60 Seconds

We take you swiftly through five classic games in this video-driven piece that challenges GameSpot editors to dissect entire games in merely 60 seconds.


No Caption Providedome games have long involved plots, intricate mechanics, and hours of gameplay. Some of them don't. But how long does it take to learn everything you need to know about any game? Welcome to Game in 60 Seconds, where you get to experience an entire game in less than a minute--well, at least the important stuff, anyway. In our first edition of this feature, we'll take you on a whirlwind tour of five classic games from beginning to end. And afterward, you're welcome to try your hand at creating your own Game in 60 seconds.

Please remember that we're covering games in their entirety, so consider this your only spoiler warning.

Let the Games Begin!

The Secret of Monkey Island

Publisher: LucasArts
Developer: LucasArts
Release Date: 1990

The Secret of Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert's pirate-themed masterpiece, is one of the classics from the heydays of PC adventure gaming. If you haven't yet played it (for shame!), then you're missing some of the best inside jokes that video games have to offer. And if you have, well, it's probably been awhile, so you should haul it out of your closet and play it again! In the meantime, to whet your appetite, we'll take you through pirate mastery, insult swordfighting, and the travails of lovable Guybrush Threepwood in a mere 60 seconds.

Resident Evil

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Release Date: 1996

Resident Evil, the English title of the Japanese horror favorite Biohazard, has become a classic series in its own right, and it all began with this little game. From its cheesy-but-lovable dialogue to the awkward controls and truly frightening camera angles, Resident Evil has had people screaming for years. But no matter which system you've played it on, the original Resident Evil has remained one of the most atmospheric and scary games of all time. Peek inside for the full experience.

Mortal Kombat II

Publisher: Midway
Developer: Midway
Release Date: 1993

Though most people who have played Mortal Kombat II have played it for hours on end, we could probably boil the experience down to just one word: brutal. Since we have 60 seconds of time to give you instead, we're going to take you on a jaunt through the story, the action, and all the awesome effects of this classic fighting game. Don't believe that there's that much going on? Oh you have no idea.

Oregon Trail

Publisher: The Learning Company
Developer: MECC
Release Date: 1985

Probably the most successful educational game of all time, Oregon Trail is about survival in the American wilderness through some of the most grueling conditions this country has ever seen. Armed with only a Conestoga wagon and a merry band of dysentery-infected friends, you must make it across the continental US before you all completely fall apart. Days turn to months, which turn to years, which turn to seconds, right here.

Beyond Good & Evil

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft
Release Date: 2003

Beyond Good & Evil, Rayman creator Michel Ancel's critical darling, may have met low sales due to its esoteric title and seemingly obscure plot. But the game, despite its poor positioning, tells an interesting and worthwhile story that far too many people seemed to miss. This is a game definitely worth playing, and for a little glimpse into the reason why, watch our 60-second homage to the mysteries that protagonist Jade uncovers, and the dissection of the game's interesting and unique gameplay.

Contribute Your Own!

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Are these videos gone for good? They don't load :(

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Monkey Island ftw!

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This is one of the funniest features on Gamespot. Pity it was only done for five games. It would be great if more were made.

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How come it says that you can submit your own game in 60 seconds movie, but they don't link to any of the user made ones?

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rokkuman09 and anyone else needing help with streaming video in Firefox: I am able to watch the Gamespot videos in Firefox in both Windows and Linux. There are some pages on Firefox plugins you might want to have a look at. For Windows: For Linux: For Mac OS X: I am assuming you are using Windows, so what you basically have to do is update your Windows Media Player. When you do so, it will auto-detect Firefox and install the plugin. If you already have your WMP up to date, just go ahead and try to reinstall it. Good Luck!

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I vote they try it for Psychonauts

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please do another segment.this is bad ass

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Try Oblivion. It's probably impossible with all the stuff you can do in that game.

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i'm impressed with the res evil one, thats ace.

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Is angelina going to in this? ;)

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wow that takes skill man. great sum ups.

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how the hell do he do that,that was amazing

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Resident Evil was such a landmark in gaming!

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cool feature

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When will they make there website so people who use firefox can watch the flipping videos

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OREGON TRAIL!! omg I still remember playing that as a kid... awesome :)

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max payne 2 ... hilarious!

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Oregon trail........ah, the memories! Theirs nothing like feeding your men rations and seeing how longs it takes for 'em to perish. Classic stuff!

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Pacman, the original arcade version. That needs to be told on here LOL. I'd like to see them take a stab at silent hill 2 hahaha

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Hey try an do metal gear solid 3, i dont think it can be done...

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It was really funny and helpful. I have played Mortal Kombat and Monkey Island, but not the rest, so I was able to see this project from both sides. There are so many reviews I never get to read, because they cover 3 pages, so this is really cool when I just want to know what a game is about. Good for me that I do not mind spoilers.

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good idea, but spoilers are not my kinda thing, even if i don't plan to play the game

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fahrenheit in 60 seconds? just play through it , it wont take much longer!!great game though

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Give me some mo' and newer, but the idea is great

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Great feature, I quite literally LOL'ed my way through all of these.

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Beyond Good & Evil Halo 2 Mega Man any RE

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Baldur's Gate 2 I dare you!

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i like games

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Very cool feature, i like it a lot.

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THese are great lets hope for more

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Gee, after watching the review of "Beyond Good & Evil", it kinda seems pointless to play it - I now know the whole story! (Not that I'd play it anyway!)

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I have now postet my Game in 60 Sec video. Does Jeff post them somewhere speciel. Or are they only on my Profile. Well just look at my Profile then lol. remember to Comment it please ty

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True... This owns, but skip the Spoilers.. **************SPOILER*WARNING************** You have to skip this guy named Tyrant, and then you can leave **************SPOILER*WARNING************** Doesn't that just kill the game...

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I liked it. I liked it. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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those videos where great.

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There really interesting, but can spoil the story of the games if you actually play the game at home and cannot complete it. But Jeff does this really well.

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Metal Gear Solid 2 in 60 seconds muhahahah

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Hell, Im making an Eternal Champions in 60 seconds. :)

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They should have a... STEEL BATALLION IN ONE MINUTE movie!!!! YEAH!!!!

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I played Oregon Trail so many times in times. Actually, it was a lost memory till I saw the video and with that came some more nostalgic moments of elementary and how we'd all try to get the comp to play the game. One thing I do rememeber clearly is shooting up so many damn bison and taking only a bit of the meat :D. I do know that all my people survived, but now how often that would happen. I'm rambling now so this comment is done.

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This is a very nice feature. How about in the future... "Morrowind in a Minute!" If they could pull that off-- and do it justice-- that would be very cool.

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The Final Fantasy games in 60 seconds. Now that would be interesting to see.

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A giger is my favorite animal ,too. Great stuff, keep doing Mortal Kombat.

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Nightharvest: "Good concept. It will make me finally play Beyond Good and Evil, even with the little bit of 'spoiling'. But you have to do that to create some interest." Yeah, totally! How many of us were going to pick up these games anyway? It's not like we weren't warned. I'm SO buying BG&E next week.

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"Please remember that we're covering games in their entirety, so consider this your only spoiler warning." Could they have made it any clearer? Maybe they should have used flashing red letters or something.

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MORE Resident EVIL now

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i wanna see all the resident evils and halo in 60 seconds.