Game composers unite for Japan

International video game composers team up for a new project to raise money for Japan earthquake relief fund--Akira Yamaoka, Woody Jackson, Bear McCreary, Yasunori Mitsuda, and Nobuo Uematsu sign on for new album scheduled for release in May.


In the three weeks since the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami brought Japan to its knees, game developers, publishers, journalists, and players from all around the world have all come together to raise money for the devastated nation.

Play for Japan, a campaign that coordinates fundraising opportunities and video game-themed charity auctions to raise funds for the disaster relief, has announced it has teamed up with Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka to begin work on a collaborative album titled Play for Japan: The Album.

Set for release in May, the album will feature the music of some of the most revered game composers working in the industry today, including Woody Jackson (Red Dead Redemption), Bear McCreary (SOCOM 4, The Walking Dead), Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Luminous Arc), and Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy series).

Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka.
Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka.

After hearing from peers and players from around the world, Yamaoka was inspired to start work on the benefit album as a way to express the outpouring of grief for Japan coming from all corners of the world. With this album, Yamaoka says he hopes to inspire other video game and music enthusiasts to show their support.

"The challenge facing Japan is unprecedented and immeasurable," Yamaoka said in a statement. "People around the world have already reached out, working together to help Japan rise up and rebuild. As citizens of the same planet, we share and take strength from this bond.

"In the video game industry, composers like myself are responsible for engaging the player through music. Music, too, creates bonds, inspiring listeners to share their passion with others. In this spirit, many gifted composers, musicians, and artists--from East and West--have come together to record a benefit album. For creators whose role is to inspire, it’s only fitting we come together, across borderlines, for those in need. It’s our desire you’ll hear our hope for a brighter future and the prayers heard from around the world given voice. We are all united by one common bond."

Play for Japan: The Album is scheduled for release in May via the iTunes store. To learn more about the campaign or to donate to the relief fund, visit Play for Japan.

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@warhawk-geeby i think you'll find its because they dont like waves....

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@LeoLex_ It's their culture, a sign of respect.

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@bonereaper69 So wait.. Japan is the 3rd richest country in the world so apparently "doesn't need help", where as the USA (a country with even more money) needs help - even without a natural disaster? That's why no-one would rush to help the yanks. Your attitudes are seriously twisted. There's a world beyond your borders pal, shame your government doesn't seem to teach you that.

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Why do the Japanese always bow?...anyone

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I will buy a copy, because without japan I would not have PS3

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I hoped before clicking the article that both Yamaoka and Uematsu would be involved with this. My two favourite game composers. Sounds like an awesome idea.

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neobita likes this and for those who love chrono cross OST like me, they would love it that the composer is here, Yasunori Mitsuda

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I love how everyone is coming together to help Japan. And I do to plan to buy that album, anything to help Japan out.

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thats good news rivals join forces to help the land of the rising sun :)

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'100% Win.' I second that!

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100% Win.

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@Shadowsanek Yes he did he also did Caprica, Eureka, and Human Target.

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@Pangamaster it isn't an April Fools joke this was from yesterday Grasshopper Manufacture had it posted on their facebook account because Akira Yamaoka is currently working on Shadows of the DAMNED soundtrack.

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Include Dave Wise and I buy

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Some of my favorite Japanese composers collaborating on an album to raise money? I might have buy two copies...

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That actually looks pretty interesting. Even if it weren't for such a noble cause, I'd be interested.

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@bonereaper69 Does it matter country you come from? It's not like were completely different species. We are all human. In this case people are actually trying to work hard for aid in Japan's disaster; while you b!tch about how no one helps the US.

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Didn't Bear McCreay do the music for Battlestar Galactica also? I can look it up obviously but just wondering...

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@bonereaper69 Japan was one of the Countries that helped us with Hurricane Katrina, and 9/11. Do your research next time so you don't look like a tool.

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Wheres the Nintendo guy? C'mon Nintendo - you have some of the best and most known music in the industry

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I think this is a really good cause. Also, this looks to be a supergroup of game music. I am really interested in getting this album, but what about people who don't have Itunes? There are a few of us out there. Hopefully Amazon will carry it. If not that, prop it for sale on each of the consoles respective marketplaces. Something like this that is A: for a good cause, and B: just a great project anyway, will sell.

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Please tell me Yoko Shimomura is involved in this.

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Sucks it will be digital only...

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That's an easy buy. I'd buy it even without the charitable element. :) Yamaoka and Uematsu are without a doubt two of my favourite composers of all time.

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Tony-Baxter: "You would think Sony and Toyota would help the victims since those companies are based in Tokyo but they're selfish!" Sony has donated several million and radios. Your comment is pathetic.

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Keep it up.

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I'll buy it for sure.

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Will purchase. :)

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I'll buy it. I love video game music.

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You would think Sony and Toyota would help the victims since those companies are based in Tokyo but they're selfish!

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Gamespot if this is an April Fools joke, than thats justsick humor...

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I don't do Itunes, but I will be more than glad enough to get it from Amazon mp3... I love both Akira and Nobuo... I would gladly buy this if it is from a digital distribution service other than Itunes. Buying something that I would want, that would go to help those so desperately in need... I will definitely be getting this.

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Normally don't do much with iTunes, but I'll buy it!

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This is gonna be something that I'll have to get *-*. Cant wait for its release. I'm pretty sure alot of people are gonna get it and it will help Japan.

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DarkNeoBahamut - "I really hope this isn't an April Fools joke, it would be heart breaking....." * - something like this would be a joke in bad taste. but if it true, i want. prayers and hopes to japan.

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I really hope this isn't an April Fools joke, it would be heart breaking.....

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Awesome, I'm getting this day one. Nobuo Uematsu is my favorite!

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I want a physical copy I don't like Digital distribution. I would probably still get it. I just have to remember my iTunes account I only used it once and that was a year ago.

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godzilla warned the world 43 years ago that nuclear dependence and greed would be our downfall, I love japan. If i had money, i'd donate. But It's a shame that nobody will wake up til it's too late.

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nice hope there's some kind of download-digistore too. it'd be hard to get physical copy in here

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Outstanding. Day 1 purchase for me. @RealHarry: True indeed. Very true.

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Beautiful thing

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Shame there isn't Yoko Shimomura but these guys are very good though

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these composers are very talented, they've created some of the most memorable tunes and I'm sure this album will be great

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That's so sweet of them. I'm buying this as soon as it releases.

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sigh I hate the itunes store :c Oh well made my donation of $20 something dollars to them instead.

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Hitoshi Sakimoto and his team at Basiscape are releasing music they worked on for their support but I hope they team up with Yamaoka and make a few songs for this album :)

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will buy it day one :)

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