Game Boy Sees Stars

Bite-Sized R-Type, Barbie, Beavis and Butt-head, and Blades of Steel to hit Game Boy Color and Pocket.


Lots of action on the Nintendo Game Boy Color front. The arcade shooters R-Type 1 and R-Type 2 are heading to the portable in one small package called R-Type DX, with a special mode that will link R-Type 1 and R-Type 2. This game is expected June 28, 1999 for about US$30.

Also on Color and for Color only, Konami's NHL Blades of Steel is on the way. The game includes the same feature components of the coming console updates, such as holding the NHL and NHLPA licenses, with four modes: Exhibition, Random Season, NHL Season, and Playoffs. What's really interesting about this version, is that it will also include the Create-A-Player mode.

And well, it had to happen. Mattel has plucked Barbie from the purple Corvette and is placing her on the GBC. Her title is Ocean Discovery, and finds gamers swimming around three undersea worlds with about nine mini-games in all. Her objective? Get special jewels, of course. When not tracking down pearls, Barbie can be found assisting a dolphin through a maze and such.

If Barbie doesn't do it for you, Beavis and Butt-head are heading to the Game Boy Pocket (no Color yet, sorry kids) by way of GT Interactive. You'll work through about 10 levels, trying to keep Beavis out of detention. Dodge ball deathmatch, anyone?

No word yet on these release dates, but we'll give you screenshots and updates soon.

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