Game Boy And Game Boy Color Titles Headed To Nintendo Switch - Report

New reports claim that Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles are headed to the Nintendo Switch.


New reports have claimed that Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles will be added to the Nintendo Switch Online library soon. The news first broke this week on the Nate the Hate podcast during a discussion on potential handheld games coming to the Switch as part of its online subscription offerings, which were then further corroborated by Nintendo Life and Eurogamer's sources.

Switch Online currently has a library of over 80 NES games and 50 SNES games, with numbers varying depending on the region in which the service is available. Nintendo Switch Online launched in 2018, and September 2021 marks the third anniversary of the subscription service which began life by offering a small number of NES games originally.

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In the years since then, NES and SNES games have slowly trickled out of Nintendo's vault and onto the Switch. Back in 2019, a data mine discovered the existence of not only SNES games before they were officially announced but also the presence of other emulators that were hidden behind codenames such as Kachikachi and Canoe.

The last time Game Boy games were available on a Nintendo system was during the 3DS era through the virtual console, which allowed for dozens of Nintendo's greatest handheld hits to find a second life on its dual-screen system.

Several Pokemon games, The Legend of Zelda, and Donkey King Land were just some of the games added to that library during the Nintendo 3DS's run.

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