GAME Australia "intends" to stock Mass Effect 3

The retailer says that Australian operations have not been affected by GAME UK's decision to no longer stock EA titles. UPDATE: EA confirms GAME Australia will stock Mass Effect 3.


GAME Australia has confirmed that it still intends to stock Mass Effect 3, following news overnight that GAME UK and its subsidiary Gamestation would not be stocking any new EA games after the release of SSX.

According to UK industry news site, GAME UK cited not being able to get "the right credit terms" from EA as the reason for no longer stocking the publisher's titles.

The Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition.
The Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition.

GAME Australia told GameSpot AU today that it is in talks with EA Australia about the situation.

"In light of the news over in Europe between GAME and EA around Mass Effect 3, we're discussing the situation with EA here in Australia this morning," managing director of GAME Australia Paul Yardley told GameSpot AU.

"Our intention is, as it has always been, to stock Mass Effect 3 for our customers. Each GAME territory acts independently, and we're not compelled to act in the same light as our European counterparts."

GAME Australia said it would reveal any changes or updates to this decision if and when they occur.

UPDATE: EA Australia sent GameSpot AU the following comment:

"EA are pleased to confirm that GAME in Australia will be stocking Mass Effect 3 as planned and we look forward to a successful launch in the GAME Australia stores".

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