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Game-ad exec talks up game ads

Massive CEO claims in-game ad spending could approach $1.8 billion by end of this decade; says ads are accepted medium.


Mitch Davis thinks in-game ads are going to mean big bucks for the future. Of course, he'd better think that--he's CEO of Massive, Inc., the largest in-game advertising firm in the world.

At the Advertising in Games Forum held yesterday in New York City, Davis predicted that in-game advertising would become a $1.6 billion to $1.8 billion industry by 2010, reports Mediaweek. In-game ads have been taking off recently, becoming a major topic of discussion at industry events and becoming more and more prevalent.

Massive has led the way, recently signing deals with 2K Sports and THQ. At yesterday's forum, Davis showed off two prototypes of future ads. One featured an interactive billboard that could be peeled back to reveal a code for gamers, and another featured a BP gas station where motorcycle riders could pull into.

Gamer reaction to in-game ads is mixed--most don't mind the ads as long as they don't interfere with play. Like them or hate them, if Davis is right, gamers will have to get used to them.

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