Gambit vs. SK Gaming to be replayed following Riot Games banning the use of Aatrox

The match which ended up dertermining the 1st place team in the EU LCS will be forced to redo their latest encounter, as a bug was affecting one of the champions on Gambit Gaming's line-up.


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Updated with a statment from Gambit Gaming:

Gambit Gaming have responded to Riot's decision following the decision to remake the game, and that they find the decision very objectional due to a number of reasons, including the referee ignoring LCS regulations and the players themselves not being made aware of the bug in question during the pause.

"First of all, we would like to address the way it was handled. We find it unacceptable that our players weren't informed about the occurrence of this bug (Aatrox's W proccing on every second auto attack) during the pause initiated by SK's top laner freddy122 for this particular reason."

GG continues on, stating that the lack of communication from Riot and the lateness of announcing the remake between SK and Gambit was made known to them when it was revealed to the public, giving them less time to prepare their draft, and also being unable to prepare for their first opponents of the day in Supa Hot Crew.

"Moreover, we were informed about the game being replayed today at 14:10 CET via e-mail right at the same time when this decision was announced to the public. Given that the game is scheduled at 21:00 CET and the decision was announced three hours before the start of the second day of LCS Week 10, we weren't presented with an opportunity to file an appeal. On top of that, the decision of playing the game today leaves both teams without a possibility to prepare for this match, since both SK and Gambit are playing another game today against Alliance and Supa Hot Crew respectively, which brings us to our next point."

Original article:

Following Riot's recent decision to disable the champion Aatrox from the LCS due to a bug, the company today went out with a statement about last night's encounter between SK Gaming and Gambit Gaming in the EU LCS.

SK noticed the bug in action during the game, and promptly paused for a talk with a Riot Games official who didn't present the team with a chance to remake the match and let it play out as usual.

Whether or not it was the bug exclusively that led to Gambit taking the victory, Riot has addressed the situation and will be enforcing a regame, as it was, according to the company's head of esports Nick Allen "we [Riot] do not feel that the game was completed under fair conditions."

The match between SK and Gambit will be replayed tonight. Nick Allen's full statement on the situation can be read here.

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