Galleon sails into stores

Confounding Factor's long-delayed action adventure game for the Xbox now available in North America.


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Atlus has shipped the third-person action adventure game Galleon: Islands of Mystery to stores. The Xbox game follows Rhama Sabrier, a handsome, swashbuckling captain who sets out in search of an enchanted ship. Players will solve puzzles and battle monsters with the gun-wielding Rhama and his two female sidekicks.

Galleon's real-life journey has had almost as many twists and turns as that of its hero. The game was developed by Confounding Factor, which was founded by Lara Croft creators Toby Gard and Paul Douglas. Galleon, the new studio's first game, was originally scheduled for a 1999 release but was repeatedly delayed, finally ending up in North American stores today.

Furthermore, recent sources close to the game have suggested that it may be Confounding Factor's last. Reports indicate that many members of the studio may be leaving when all work on Galleon has been finished.

The game is rated "T" for Teen and will retail at $39.99. Check GameSpot for the review of Galleon later this week.

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