Galaxy Fold: Samsung Foldable Phone's Price Tag Is A Cool $2,000

At least it'll be easy to fold your wallet without any money in it.


The rumored foldable phone from Samsung, the Galaxy Fold, is finally a reality. Samsung formally unveiled the device during its Unpacked event on Wednesday, showcasing what it can do and announcing both a release date and price--the latter of which is eyebrow-raising, to say the least.

The Galaxy Fold releases on April 26 and starts in price at $1,980. That is not a typo. With Apple having pushed premium mobile phone pricing well above the $1,000 mark with its iPhone X line, Samsung is taking things much further with its new innovation.

As detailed by CNET, the Galaxy Fold features a 7.3-inch display when it's unfolded into its tablet format; while folded, its screen is a 4.6-inch display. It features two different batteries--one for each side, to provide power while enabling the folding functionality--and is equipped with a whopping six cameras. It also has 12 GB of RAM and is available in four colors: Cosmo Black, Space Silver, Martian Green, and Astro Blue.

Image credit: CNET
Image credit: CNET

To facilitate the folding, Samsung is using a new type of screen technology called Infinity Flex Display, which it says will prevent the screen from being damaged by repeatedly folding and unfolding it. Apps can be used in both form factors and will transition from one to the other. Taking advantage of the tablet-sized display, when the Fold is unfolded, you can use up to three apps at once.

Alongside the Galaxy Fold, Samsung also announced the next of its more mainstream mobile devices during Unpacked, the Galaxy S10, as well as the S10E and Galaxy S10 5G. The latter will arrive first on Verizon before expanding to other carriers later in the year.

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