Galaga: Destination Earth

We take an early look at the remake of the classic arcade shooter.


Galaga: Destination Earth

Another game Hasbro Interactive showed during its visit to GameSpot was an update to the classic arcade shooter Galaga. Like Hasbro's other titles in the classic game lineup, Galaga: Destination Earth attempts to retain the core gameplay of the original while adding some new features that correspond to Galaga's transition into a 3D universe. Now that the action is not limited by a top-down view, Galaga's camera view will automatically change as you progress through the nine levels. For example, early in the first mission, the camera shows the classic Galaga view, but as players fly through the level, the camera takes a behind-the-ship or side-scrolling view. In some stages you take command of space- or planet-based stations and, from a first-person view, shoot aliens with a massive cannon.

Hasbro has succeeded in retaining the core of Galaga's gameplay in this update, despite the additions. The swarms of alien ships still line up on the screen as they did in the classic original version. You can also capture alien ships, or recapture your own ships, to bulk up your arsenal.

Galaga: Destination Earth is due out for the PC and the PlayStation in the fall of 2000.

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