Galactic Civilizations Developer Hires The Guy Who Built

Adrian Luff joins Stardock to oversee the implementation of Project Tachyon.


Galactic Civilizations III
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Stardock, the developer of Sins of a Solar Empire and the Galactic Civilizations series, has announced its hire of Adrian Luff, the man responsible for overseeing the growth of during his 17-year tenure at Blizzard Entertainment.

Luff joins Stardock to lead the roll-out of Project Tachyon, an initiative which will "manage the online infrastructure to provide the meta-game experience" for the company's multiplayer games. The project will run entirely on the cloud, and utilize Valve's Steamworks "where possible" on the PC. According to Stardock, Project Tachyon will use each platform's "inherent features", allowing players to utilise new features in Stardock games including integrated ladders and matchmaking.

Stardock is currently developing Galactic Civilizations III, a turn-based strategy title for PC. The game will use Project Tachyon in at least "some capacity." For more information on Galactic Civilizations III, check out our Early Access Review.

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