Galactic Civilizations delayed

Strategy First is holding back its upcoming space strategy game to avoid releasing it in the same month as Master of Orion III.


Strategy First has announced that the release of Galactic Civilizations, Stardock's upcoming space strategy game for the PC, has been pushed back to a March 25. The company cited the delay of Master of Orion III as one of the reasons for the new Galactic Civilizations release date. In the game, players will have to essentially build an empire through the construction of a strong military, the establishment of powerful political ties, or a variety of other methods.

"Gamers have been waiting a long time for the next generation of space-based strategy games to arrive," said Brad Wardell, project lead on Galactic Civilizations at Stardock. "By ensuring that these two games come out at different times, players will have the opportunity to get to know each of them."

"As a result of our close relationship with Infogrames, we've been given this unique opportunity that will benefit both of these games and their fans," added Steve Milburn, director of marketing for Strategy First. "They are so different in so many ways that we feel the best thing for fans of this genre is to give them time to enjoy each game on its own."

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