G4 TV Network Going Away For Good

Network known for original programming such as X-Play and Attack of the Show! coming to an official end on November 30.

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The once gamer-focused TV network G4 will soon be no more. A statement from parent company NBCUniversal Cable and obtained by IGN explains that the network will officially go offline on November 30. This marks the conclusion of more than two years of uncertainty regarding the network's future.

G4 has not aired any new original programming in quite some time. Though the network is perhaps best known for programs such as X-Play and Attack of the Show!, it most recently aired only re-runs of shows like Cops, Lost, and Ninja Warrior, as well as some movies.

Changes at G4 first came to light in September 2012, when it was announced that X-Play and Attack of the Show would be canceled as the network sought to change directions. G4 was at one time planned to stay "as is" with no new content, but this is no longer the case.

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