Future Halo to boast 'revolutionary multiplayer experiences'

343 Industries hiring designer to develop groundbreaking multiplayer modes and features for an upcoming entry in series.


Halo 4

Halo developer 343 Industries is looking to take multiplayer to new heights.

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A recent job advertisement at the studio calls for a multiplayer designer who will design and develop "revolutionary multiplayer experiences" for an upcoming Halo game.

This game was not named, though Halo 5 and Halo 6 have been previously confirmed as part of the Reclaimer Trilogy. Microsoft also has confirmed Halo Bootcamp, though this project is not connected to the Reclaimer Trilogy or the Xbox One.

The successful applicant will contribute to the design and development of multiplayer features and create all-new multiplayer game modes using 343's internal scripting engine.

A desirable candidate should have "extensive" competitive multiplayer experience from past Halo titles and at least one shipped AAA title that features their work in multiplayer. This person should also have experience creating multiplayer experiences from design to execution.

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