Future Games From Quantum Break, Alan Wake Dev Could Include Multiplayer

"There are discussions about all kinds of ideas."


Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment is perhaps best known for its single-player games like Alan Wake and most recently Quantum Break, but it's possible future games from the studio may include multiplayer.

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Creative director Sam Lake appeared on the latest Major Nelson podcast, explaining that Remedy has "all kinds of ideas floating around," some of which involve multiplayer functionality.

"Certainly there are discussions about multiplayer," he said, as reported by DualShockers. "There are discussions about all kinds of ideas. We want to evolve with the times as well: try out new things that push ourselves, and always come back and question, 'What is a Remedy game and how can we evolve it into something even cooler?'

"A lot of this is happening all the time. So far we haven't done that," he added, referencing multiplayer. "Some times it has been maybe considered and some times not even in the discussions, but you know, we'll see what will be the next iteration or a Remedy game."

Also during the podcast, Lake stressed that telling stories in new ways is important to Remedy, referencing the way in which Quantum Break tells its narrative across a game and a TV show.

He also was asked if Remedy is thinking about the future of Quantum Break, which was just released on April 5. Lake didn't share anything specific, but said the franchise's future depends on how well the first game does.

"That’s something that will be obviously determined by the success of Quantum Break," he said. "When we build a new IP we do a lot of background work on it, and kind of build a lot more than just the game. You know, time will tell."

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