Fury, Dementium due in October

Quirky upstart publisher Gamecock dates Auran's PVP-centric MMOG for 10/9, Renegrade Kid's portable survival horror FPS for Halloween.


Though a return to originality has been a buzz phrase in the industry for some time now, relatively few publishers or developers have actively committed to it. However, one such publisher to do so is Gamecock Media Group. The publisher was founded earlier this year by two former Gathering of Developer execs, who posited their company as "a welcome solution to the bloated and originality-starved industry."

While Gamecock has certainly made a name for itself through snicker-worthy self-promotion, the publisher has yet to evidence its claims of innovation with a tangible product to point to. That is soon to change, as Gamecock today announced the ship dates on its first batch of games.

Developed by Australia-based Auran, Fury ships for PCs on October 9. A massively multiplayer online game, Fury defies convention in the burgeoning genre by focusing exclusively on player-versus-player combat. The game blends first-person-shooter-style action with role-playing-style character advancement. Fury retails for $49.99 and is free to play thereafter. An optional $9.99 monthly subscription gives players access to enhanced game features. It has not yet been rated.

Aiming to make Halloween just a bit spookier, Gamecock will be shipping Dementium: The Ward for the Nintendo DS on October 31. The maiden effort from Renegade Kid, Dementium is a survival horror first-person shooter where players must escape from a degenerate medical facility, solving puzzles and shooting up abominations along the way. Dementium: The Ward is rated M for Mature and retails for $29.99.

Both games are available for preorder through Gamecock's official site. Check out GameSpot's previous coverage for more on Fury and Dementium: The Ward.

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