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Funniest Pokemon Go Moments on the Internet

Well done, internet.


The latest mobile craze, Pokemon Go, is out now in some markets. It's not a traditional mobile game, as it challenges players to go out in the world and search for creatures in places like your backyard or even a delivery room.

Like any other phenomenon, Pokemon Go is also leading to some silly memes, tweets, images, and more.

We've now collected some of the funniest ones we've come across and rounded them up here. We'll continue to add more in the days ahead. Also, feel free to leave a comment if you've found something great, or send us a tip at

George W. Bush vs. Pokeball:

Watch Out:

Walter White as a Trainer:

Which one:

Probably a Good Idea:

Party Time:

"It's Not Even Built Yet":

Why Would You Do This to Rattata? (Via NeoGAF's Enter the Dragon Punch)

No Caption Provided

Delivery Room Pidgey:

(There's a whole story behind this one)

No Caption Provided

Date Night:

Exercise by Way of Gaming:

Ronaldo's Venomoth:

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