Funimation Reveals Online Anime Convention, FunimationCon

The company is hosting its first ever convention in virtual space on the July 4 long weekend.


Funimation has announced it will hold its first ever anime convention, FunimationCon, this year--and due to COVID-19, it will be entirely online.

While a lot of big events have moved online due to the pandemic, this is Funimation's debut event. The anime distribution company has been a mainstay at some of the biggest anime conventions in the USA, including Anime Expo.

FunimationCon will be held on July 3-4, the weekend that Anime Expo would have fallen on this year if it hadn't been cancelled. “With so many anime events being canceled this year, we’re jumping in to fill the gap with a new way for fans to come together and enjoy some great content and experiences,” said Colin Decker, General Manager of Funimation.

The festival will be free, featuring all the things you'd expect to see at an anime convention--albeit in a different format--including "panels, cosplay meetups, forums, and more". Like any good anime con, it's likely we can expect virtual appearances from special guests from the anime and cosplay worlds. However, only fans in North America will be able to participate in the online con.

All the details for the upcoming event will be shared on in the coming weeks.

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