Funhouse Trailer Is Big Brother Meets Gory Saw Horror

The upcoming reality television horror movie releases on May 28.


The new trailer for the upcoming horror movie Funhouse has been released. The movie mixes Saw-style gore and reality TV satire, and it releases in May.

The trailer sets up the basic premise. A group of hot young social media and online stars are gathered together in a house to participate in a Big brother-style reality show, with every second of the day streamed to the world. But this is a deadly reality show, and the unlucky contestants must deal with masked killers and gruesome traps as they attempt to stay alive to win the game. Funhouse doesn't exactly look like the most subtle of satires, but it'll hopefully deliver some gruesome kills along the way. Check the trailer out below:

Funhouse stars Valter Skarsgård (Lords of Chaos), Kylee Bush (Dead of Night), Christopher Gerard (Arrow), Khamisa Wilsher (Charmed), and (Gigi Sol Guerrero (Puppet Killer). It's directed by Jason William Lee (The Evil in Us), and will be available in thaters and On Demand platforms on May 28.

As for the series that clearly inspired Funhouse, the next Saw movie is also released next month. Spiral: From the Book of Saw stars Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson, and it hits theaters on May 14. You can watch the latest Spiral trailer here.

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