Full List of Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games (So Far)

There will be "hundreds" by the time the service launches in full this fall.


With the introduction of Gears of War 1 and Shadow Complex today for Xbox One backwards compatibility and plans for more Gears games in the future, the list of supported games has risen to more than two dozen. The service is available now only for Xbox One Preview Program members (available by invite only), but when it rolls out publicly this fall, there will be "hundreds" of available titles.

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While Microsoft has not yet published the final list (it's only August, after all), we have already learned close to 30 of the games that will be available.

Check out the list below, but be aware that the list is subject to change. Be sure to bookmark this page, as we'll keep updating it throughout the year.

Don't see your favorite game here? Head to the Xbox Feedback website and let Microsoft know what game you want to see added to the list. The most-requested game right now is Call of Duty: Black Ops II--which Snoop Dogg might have something to say about.

The Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 during the week of E3, something that Microsoft thinks is at least partially attributable to backwards compatibility.

Xbox One Backward Compatible Titles (As of September 4):

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As an avid Battlefield 3 and 4 player, I would like to see both of these on the compatibility list, especially the Team Death Match (TDM) games, all maps. I just bought the XBOX ONE S Battlefield 1, still setting it up, and look forward to using it, but I'd still love to be able to play BF3 andBF4 on XB1 too. Thank you. COLxTERMINUS

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Wow what a list... :-S Hope its getting better in time.

Why waste time on games there is dead or sold 5 years or later ?

I have about 200 games in hardcopy and non is on the list jeg want to play on the One.

Hope COD comes up.

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Wow. Perfect Dark and Perfect Dark Zero. That's neat!

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*sigh* My guess is they will not even bother with games that already have a Xbox One release, such as Diablo 3. I doubt Skyrim or Dark Souls 2 will ever make the list either. My 360's disk reading lens is on its last leg. I've already taken the thing apart and cleaned it like three times, doing so only allows the thing to work consistently for a couple weeks. Then its back to continuously ejecting and reloading disks for ten minutes each time i want to play a game.

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@amillionhp: Just buy another.

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Looks like half of the games are from Rare Replay, which explains why they work already.

I know they are digital, but if I own Rare Replay, will I be able to play these digitally without the disc in?

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Only 26 games all boring titles and 4 planned. Thought they said around 100 games on release of the new dash and hundreds more down the road. I bet they barely get 50 titles by the time they release the new dash in just over 2 weeks.

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There's nothing on that list I'm excited about.

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@davidpring2005: That's sad. There are some great games in there.

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@novaxy: Most of those games I've never heard of. I already have fallout 3 on PC and Mass Effect trilogy on ps3. I'll be excited when they bring the fables and blue dragon out.

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Yes, I can't wait to play a game with limited gameplay and graphics. Sorry but new games usually make me not want to play old games. there are a million and one games I can play through emulation and I don't.

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@alaskancrab: Limited? Jesus, nice appreciation of the hobby and history of gaming. You must be young, you'll think differently someday.

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@alaskancrab: So why have you posted a comment on an article specifically about backwards compatibility? Wouldn't your time be better spent reading about something you do care about?

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no mlb2k12


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Still out of date.

Need to add:

Just Cause 2 (Planned)

Rainbow Six Vegas (Planned)

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (Planned)

DOOM (Leaked)

Burnout Paradise (Mentioned By Studio, but Not Officially Announced)

And with Microsoft's Gamescom announcement over the summer, the following franchises will fully support backwards compatibility




Mass Effect (Probably meaning the first)

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please invite me for the preview gt is emergedhalo 2

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I see the Rare games are all there.

That's enough :)

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Can anyone can anyone tell me how Microsoft is gonna be able too pull off the "OVER A HUNDRED GAMES AVAILABLE BY THE END OF THIS FALL." The application has only been out for 3 or 4 months now (and who knows how long they had this feature and kept it under wraps). But I see they have a couple dozen available now,but that took a handful of months just to pull that off, so how they gonna somehow MAGICALLY have like 80+ more games backwards compatibil in like 2 -3 months. I'm not that good at math but I know 4 months and 24 or so games does not equal 3 months 80+ games.............................................................................

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@whitewarriar75: Preview members have access to a selection of games, the actual beta testers are checking a lot more than we have been given. Most of the problem is getting clearances from publishers and developers. The Xbox 360 emulator is very stable though, as can be seen with rare replay. I believe they are tweaking the emulator itself right now to make it so multiple disk games will run, (they don't yet) and to decide which of the voted for games will be released first and getting the required legal paperwork out of the way with the third party games they will add. Also, certain games do suffer from frame rate dips (Mass Effect) which will require a bit of jiggery-pokery to correct. A good example of this is with n64 emulators on PC or modded Xbox. Some games run perfect, others slow down, glitch out or lock up completely. Tweaking the sound to run at proper speed with the graphics playing catch-up removes almost all the glitches in Ocarina of Time. I don't think Mass Effect can be run without changing aspects within the original program. It occurs only during combat, which seems to be an engine problem from when the game was built. (it was always a bit glitchy) either detail could be reduced, resolution could be lowered or processing could be handled by writing code to buffer more information before combat and between scenes. All of these options take extra work, and diminish the originality of it being "exactly as on the 360" This might have to be a hybrid somewhere between the original and a remaster.

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I would be extremely grateful if someone would throw an invite to the bc program my way! GT is Chainsaw

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If anyone needs a invite to the bc program feel free to ad me my gt is hammerhawker. I will be adding all new people nightly at eleven pm.

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Shouldn't the Rainbow Six Vegas games be added as "planned" since they are confirmed already to be bundled in with the next Rainbox Six game?

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All this proves is all those excuses they made about backwards compatibility were BS. This should have happened at launch. They're only doing this because ps4 is kicking their #$%$.

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That's not what it proves at all. What do you know about mapping 3 high powered cores to 8 low powered. Every article I've read has left the knowledgeable deeply impressed

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@specialist_k said:


That's not what it proves at all. What do you know about mapping 3 high powered cores to 8 low powered. Every article I've read has left the knowledgeable deeply impressed

There is more to CPU speed than just the core clock. There is a difference between Sandy Bridge i5 and Skylake i5 from Intel even when they run at the same clock speed.

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I know it could have been done during development. This virtualization could have been done. They waited all this time to add backwards compatibility. This is just a desperate ploy to compete with the ps4.

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@jxsilicon9: You aren't an Xbox engineer, so STFU, desperate ploy to compete with the PS4? lol no. strange way to show your PS4 buyers remorse.

"They waited all this time to add Backwards compatibility"

Fall of he second year? are you dense?. they didn't wait for anything other than the right time to announce it once it was finished, it wasn't an easy task.

The buyers remorse is growing the sooner BC draws near. bunch of bandwagon sheep. lol..... the salt pile will grow more and more as more people ditch the weaboo box 4 in favor of the Xbox One.

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Hey guys, if you want an invite to the preview program send a friend request to my gt soldierofgod83. It makes the process much easier this way. Game on my friends!

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*shakes dice*

C'mon UMVC3

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@Buck_Swaggler: oh boy, that would be great! thats the only game i still play on my 360 .

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Hey guys could anyone please send me an invite?!? Im really trying to get into the program. Thanks! GT CBender . Thanks

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To everyone who wants to be added to the preview program:

Keep in mind that this is a beta testing program and that things can AND DO go wrong. Most of the time, your system will need a shutdown and reboot, many times while in the middle of a game. This happens even with xb1 games and during apps like Netflix.

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@coffeehigh: What......ARE you talking about?!? I've been on the preview program for about half a year now and never once had to shut down.reboot because of it!

Heck.......I haven't even noticed when the new preview OS system updates!!

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@VakarianGirl: If you have never needed to hard reset, then you are very lucky. Never got a dimmed display? Never got stuck where the Xbox wouldn't launch a game or wouldn't return home? This must also mean you never report problems. We report one or two a week, which is what the preview program is all about. It's not about getting early access to feel special.

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@coffeehigh: They warn people for a reason. take it at your own risk. i haven't had any issues so far. i love the program.

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Please have Deus Ex by the time the service officially goes live!

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Hey guys if anyone is willing to invite me to the program I would be very greatful!


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I have the preview, add me at theradrube and I'll invite anyone.

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Hey guyz could anyone please send me an invite?!? Im really trying to get into the program. Thanks!

GT: chloricdust

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would appreciate anyone who could invite me! GT - la curse

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Would someone please invite me to the program!?!?

Gt is shadoNOVA

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Can I please have an invite to the preview program? My gamertag is GigaMode. Thank you! :)

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I have been waiting for this!! Would anyone be able to add me?!? Gamer tag - yafreakinhoser

Thanks :)

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Can someone please invite me to the preview program. I got rid of my 360, but I still have 2 games that I hoped would become backwards compatible and they were recently added to the list. My Gamertag is Cadillaceazy.

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i can add a few ppl to the program my gamertag is Xavier1415