Full Auto test-drive now live

Demo of Sega's Xbox 360 demolition racer up for grabs on Xbox Live; full version set to peel out on February 14.


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Car salesmen will often let potential buyers take automobiles out for a test-drive, to let drivers "see how she purrs." However, take said car, floor the gas pedal, fire a few missiles at traffic, and ram the front end into a store and Joe Auto Shiller gets all bent out of shape.

Sega, on the other hand, welcomes such behavior with its new product, Full Auto. Making good on its promise, a demo for the Xbox 360 game is now available on Xbox Live for free. Gamers will have the option to buy the full version from retail outlets on February 14.

The game sees weapon-outfitted cars racing through destructible environments. Drivers can also rewind a block of time using the "unwreck" feature, and get a second chance to take that tight corner correctly or steady their aim on an opponent.

Major Nelson, Xbox Live's director of programming, reports on his blog that the demo is available in North America and Europe. It may not be a smooth ride for Sega, however. Reports on multiple forums warn that Sega may have left the parking brake on, as the demo has caused repeated freezes of Xbox 360s.

Full Auto is rated T for Teen and will retail for $59.99. For more information on the game, kick the tires with GameSpot's previous coverage.

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