Full Auto smashes retail

Sega's Xbox 360 metropolitan demolition derby ships; free Full Auto-themed limited-edition Xbox 360 faceplate at select retailers.


Though the Xbox 360 hasn't seen many new full retail games in stores since its launch in late November (Dead or Alive 4 was released in late December), the latest game will no doubt be smashing. Sega's Full Auto, from developer Pseudo Interactive, shipped to stores today, says the publisher. The game is rated T for Teen and retails for $59.99.

In the game, players get behind the wheel of cars and race through cities in an attempt to cross the finish line before their opponents. The catch? Each car is outfitted with a menagerie of weapons. Not enough of a catch? The environment is fully destructible. Still not enough of a catch? Drivers can use the game's "unwreck" feature, allowing them to rewind a portion of time and race part of a track again.

The game features both single-player and multiplayer modes. The single-player mode has 80 different "events," and split-screen and Xbox Live modes allow up to 8 players to compete in different race types. In the game, there are 18 tracks to destroy, eight different weapon types to fire at enemies, and 21 vehicles to drive and wreck.

To find out if Full Auto is worthy of pole position or is just a wreck waiting to happen, check back soon for GameSpot's review. In the meantime, take the game for a spin by downloading the demo from Xbox Live or check out previous coverage.

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