Full Auto full speed ahead

Development on Pseudo Interactive's Xbox 360 combat racer completed; wrecking begins February 14.


Gamers might want to begin thinking about investing in some virtual automobile insurance. Sega today has announced that its second Xbox 360 game, Full Auto, has gone gold and is on course to crash into stores on February 14. The racer's development was handled by Psuedo Interactive, which is no stranger to crashing cars, with 2001's Cel Damage also in its garage.

Full Auto, which won GameSpot's best Xbox 360 game at E3 2005, lets gamers indulge in some hard-nosed full-contact racing in destructible environments. Each of the game's 21 vehicles comes strapped with various weapons to blast opponents when drafting or taking the inside line on a turn just won't do. Gamers who miss a shot or don't take a turn well can also use the "unwreck" feature, which rewinds a portion of time.

Full Auto is rated T for Teen and will retail for $59.99. For more information, read GameSpot's recent preview. Xbox 360 owners will also get a chance to download the game's demo on January 25.

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