Full Auto demo crashing Xbox Live

Sega's car-smashing racer will be previewed on Xbox Live Marketplace January 25; preorders get limited edition 360 faceplate.


Full Auto

With the Xbox Live Marketplace's showcasing of game demos proving to be very popular among Xbox 360 owners, publishers are eager to get samplings of upcoming titles on Microsoft's online service. The latest scheduled to hit the download center is a demo of Sega's Full Auto. Representatives from Sega have confirmed to GameSpot that the demo will be available on January 25. The full retail version hits stores February 14.

Sega is offering another treat for Full Auto fans. Gamers who preorder the racer from select retailers will receive a free Full Auto-themed Xbox 360 faceplate. Though it isn't clear which outlets are considered "select retailers," both EBGames.com and GameStop.com are running Full Auto faceplate promotions on their product pages.

Full Auto pits weapon-equipped cars against each other, Road Warrior-style, in a myriad of fully destructible environments. The arcade-style racer also features an "unwreck" mechanic, allowing drivers to reverse a portion of time for a chance to take a corner better or get off a more accurate shot at an enemy car.

Full Auto is being developed by Pseudo Interactive, is rated T for Teen, and will retail for $59.99. For more information on the game, ride shotgun with GameSpot's recent preview.

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