Full Auto 2: Battlelines Cars 'n Guns Profile Part 1

Check out a sample of the new vehicles and mounted weapons in Pseudo's upcoming car-combat sequel.


Full Auto 2: Battlelines

It doesn't seem like that long since Full Auto hit the Xbox 360--it was just earlier this year--but developer Pseudo is already prepping the first sequel exclusively for the PlayStation 3, which is due to hit shelves along with the new console on November 17. The game will offer an evolutionary advancement of the ferocious vehicular combat seen in the first Full Auto, while adding new competitive multiplayer modes and a slew of new vehicles and weapons.

In advance of the game's release, Pseudo sent over new media and information on a sampling of Full Auto 2's new toys. Check out the first installment below.


Inferno: "A 21st-century pony car"

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The muscle car reborn in a "heavy metal" skin, the Inferno looks and drives angry, no matter who sits behind the wheel. The Inferno is one of the two new "poster cars" in Full Auto 2. It singularly embodies the relationship between the two Full Auto games. In other words, FA2 is faithful to the first game but is newer, bolder, and points to the future. This car retains the Vulcan's signature cues and updates them for 2006.

Height 50 in
Width 79 in
Length 182 in
Wheelbase 105in
Weight 3,355 lbs
Top Speed 155 mph
Acceleration 0-60 mph 4.8 sec
Braking 60-0 mph 116ft

HSK-75: "A 21st-century update of a classic 1960s American race car"

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An exotic masterpiece, the HSK moves like a bullet and has no problem outmaneuvering all but the most explosive competitors. The second "poster car" is based on the classic Ford GT40 and its contemporary update. Its purpose is to symbolize speed, racing, and supercar aspirations. A key differentiating feature added to this car is gull-wing doors.

Height 44.3 in
Width 76.9 in
Length 182.8 in
Wheelbase 106.7 in
Weight 3,485 lbs
Top Speed 200 mph
Acceleration 0-60 mph 3.3 sec
Braking 70-0 mph 153 ft


Ram Plate

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Size: Medium Weapon
Mount: Front
Description: A reinforced assault bumper--a basic add-on mount with aggressive spikes/teeth.
Design Goals: The ram plate's goal is to offer a weapon that fully supports our newly improved collision system. The ram becomes Full Auto's answer to Doom's chainsaw. Cars with a ram will virtually always trump cars without in collisions involving the ram. The ram also drastically reduces damage taken in a collision. Light cars will hit more like heavies do, and heavies become nigh unstoppable. This weapon also becomes more psychics-based and is quite distinct from other weapon options.
Available: Complete chapter 2 (enforcer boss)


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Size: Medium Weapon
Mount: Front
Description: A tactical high-energy laser mesh with swivel mechanisms. Beam visual effect on firing, laser beam glows blue. The THEL weapon upon which this is based is a real prototype that has successfully test-fired upon missiles and artillery shells. It is a large spotlight-type assembly with an advanced tracking system.
Design Goals: In effect, the laser would be much like a machine gun in that it projects a continuous line of damage, with a finesse element rewarding precision. Unlike an MG, it would cause much higher damage, and would have aim. Another difference is that the laser would be very prone to overheating, so indiscriminate fire is better left to MG users.
Available: Complete chapter 6 (HSK-75 boss)

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