Full Auto 2: Battlelines - Cars 'n Guns Profile 3

Our third and final profile installment looks at the multifunctional mortar and two cars, the Thunderhawk and the Executioner.


Full Auto 2: Battlelines

Though it didn't quite make the PlayStation 3's launch, Full Auto 2: Battlelines is nevertheless set to roar onto shelves later this week. We've previously shown off a number of the new cars and weapons you'll find in Pseudo Interactive's follow-up to the original Full Auto on the Xbox 360, and in our last installment before the game's release, we'll take a look at two more of the cars in the game--a bruising muscle car and the ultimate vehicle of destruction--as well as the mortar weapon, which can fire three types of projectiles, depending on what kind of ammo you've picked up. Read on for more details and keep an eye out for our review of Full Auto 2 coming soon.



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This 1970s-era muscle car will be one of the aspirational cars set in the Industrial District. It will bridge the generation gap between the older Vulcan and the newer Enforcer and Inferno muscle cars. The Thunderhawk could easily be a modern-day version of the Firebird seen in Smokey and the Bandit.


Height 49.5 in
Width 73.4 in
Length 196.8 in
Wheelbase 108 in
Weight 3607 lbs
Top Speed 143 mph
Acceleration 0-60mph 5.2
Braking 60-0mph 125ft


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The Executioner is the new king of the hill. This ultimate experimental war machine is to the Warlord what the T-1000 is to the original Terminator. It is swifter and more agile but less armored.


Height ?
Width ?
Length ?
Wheelbase ?
Weight ?
Top Speed ?
Acceleration ?
Braking ?



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Size Large weapon
Mount Forward facing, trunk mounted
Description Each car will use the same mesh (mortar) but will be differentiated by ammo type. The mortar itself is an 88mm angled artillery cannon fitted to the trunk or rear roof of the vehicle. It has a limited use of up to three shots per pickup.

Earthshaker Ammo This ammo type exhibits a thunderous sound effect on firing, with a whistling shell artillery effect. It does lethal damage at the center of its impact, but there's an extreme knock on all within its area of effect.
Napalm Ammo This ammo type exhibits similar audio/visual effects upon detonation as the flamer. It detonates over the largest area of effect of the ammo types available, coating anyone and anything with fire. This fire will burn for longer than normal fire.
Flechette Ammo (Nail Bomb) This ammo type explodes a shower of flechettes similar to the flechette cannon. All cars within the area of effect take immediate and consistent chewy-center damage.

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