FTL Developer Reveals Its New Game, Into The Breach

Into the Breach won't be out until it's deemed "ready."

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The long wait for the next game from Subset Games, the developer of acclaimed space roguelike FTL: Faster Than Light, is finally over.

The two-man team revealed the game today. Into the Breach is a turn-based strategy game where you control mechs on a tile-based map, and, like FTL, it features a randomly generated component to it.

"The remnants of human civilization are threatened by gigantic creatures breeding beneath the earth," reads the official description. "You must control powerful mechs from the future to hold off this alien threat. Each attempt to save the world presents a new randomly generated challenge in this turn-based strategy game from the makers of FTL."

You can get a taste of what to expect in the trailer above and image gallery below. Based on the video, positioning appears to be key: Certain attacks can penetrate targets (letting you hit multiple enemies at once), while others allow you to bash enemies into adjacent mountains. We also see how you can destroy a dam to flood an area to kill foes.

Protecting buildings is another crucial component; the description notes they power your mechs, and the video shows how their destruction can lead to failure. If and when you are defeated, you can "send help back through time to save another timeline."

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Other tidbits of note include the ability to gain experience and find new weapons and "unique pilots." The description also states, "All enemy attacks are telegraphed in minimalistic, turn-based combat. Analyze your opponent's attack and come up with the perfect counter every turn."

A Steam page is live, but Into the Breach doesn't yet have a release date; Subset only says it's coming when it "feel[s] it's ready." It's slated for release on PC, Mac, and Linux devices. FTL started out on computer before also moving to iPad.

The wait for a second game from Subset has been a long one. FTL, its debut game, arrived back in 2012 following a successful Kickstarter campaign. Like that game, it'll have a great soundtrack if this combat music track is any indication:

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Avatar image for Oloryn

Loved FTL! Looking forward to this. As some have mentioned below, definitely rings of Pacific Rim meets Advance Wars meets Front Mission, all of which has me on board. Excited to check it out!

Avatar image for X-RS

Considering SE wont put out a proper Front Mission this is next best thing. See how it turns out soon enough hopefully.

Avatar image for eva02langley

Advance Wars...?

Avatar image for RetributionKing

Pacific Rim...?

Avatar image for Megawizard

Bring it on! :D

Avatar image for lilhurk1985187

Meh,a pc game,hurray.

Avatar image for Pyrosa


You had me at "strategy game by FTL team"

Avatar image for mihcu

Finaly something, mech x insect colaboration, old style front mission tactical turn-based rpg. Been waiting 20 years. Everyone interested should check DUAL GEAR as well.

Avatar image for beirutchamp

Is this a dream? Seriously. Did someone download a dream from my brain and troll me with this article?

Avatar image for DAOWAce

An old style tactics game?


Avatar image for normanislost

"from the creators of FTL"


Avatar image for Thanatos2k

I can't wait to be completely screwed over by RNG, flip my chair over, and then start a new game 5 minutes later.

Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

@Thanatos2k: Oh dear God... I haven't heard that dreaded acronym (RNG) since my days playing that repetitive grindfest Destiny... So glad I quit.

Avatar image for normanislost

@Thanatos2k: 50 times in a row

Avatar image for deactivated-5c1d0901c2aec

This looks great! I am definitely keeping my eye on this one!