FTL coming to iPad

iPad version of FTL will arrive with the free Advanced Edition expansion in 2014.

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FTL is coming to iPad, developer Subset Games has announced.

Subset Games says the indie hit plays "beautifully" on second-gen iPads and higher, as well as iPad Minis. The game will not be coming to phones, however, with the developer saying it's not possible to play the game on smaller screen size.

Alongside the iPad announcement, the developer also announced the FTL: Advanced Edition expansion, which will be released to current owners of the game for free. The iPad version will also feature the expansion when it is released.

The expansion adds mind control and hacking systems and a new sector and events written by Tom Jubert and Chris Avellone, alongside new weapons, effects, layouts, and environments. The update will also add tweaks to the whole game, including the option to save and quit during combat.

The expansion can be disabled for people still hoping to play the non-modified game.

Subset Games says it hopes to port the game to Android and other mobile platforms, but that the developer does "not know for sure" if it will. "When we first released FTL, we did so on three operating systems simultaneously and it was a gargantuan task for a two man studio to accomplish," the developer said.

"Learning from the difficulties of the past, we’re trying to preserve our sanity by focusing on one system at a time. Expanding tablet support will be our next highest priority, but we don’t want to make any promises (or rejections) until we’re 100 percent sure of the outcome."

Both the iPad version and the Advanced Edition expansion will be released in early 2014.

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