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FTC Wants More Information About Microsoft's Future ZeniMax Exclusivity And Its 10-Year Deals

The FTC has filed a court document requesting that Microsoft is forced to produce documents related to ZeniMax exclusivity, its 10-year deals with Nintendo and Nvidia, and more.


The FTC has filed a new court document, claiming that Microsoft has not produced the documents it has requested, including documents covering future ZeniMax exclusivity and further details about Microsoft's 10-year deals with Nintendo and Nvidia.

The new court filing is a request from the FTC to the judge in the case, asking them to force Microsoft to produce documents related to its many requests. The complaint argues that Microsoft has been selective in the documents it produces and hasn't provided documents related to its "next generation gaming ecosystem" and its plans for future ZeniMax exclusivities. The document also argues that Microsoft went back on its promises related to ZeniMax titles being exclusive, like the upcoming Starfield, and could do the same with Activision Blizzard titles like future Call of Duty releases.

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The FTC also argues that Microsoft needs to produce documents providing the details on its 10-year deal with Nintendo and Nvidia. It also wants any communications related to Microsoft's attempts to make these deals with other platforms, like its attempts with Sony and any possibly unknown third-party companies. The FTC argues that Microsoft shouldn't be able to use these deals as part of their argument if the company won't provide its internal documents related to these deals. Overall, the FTC appears to be dissatisfied with the documents Microsoft has provided and the documents that it hasn't provided.

If the judge overseeing the case approves the FTC's request, Microsoft will need to provide the requested documents.

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