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Fruit Ninja Kinect outed - Report

Korea's ratings board reveals mobile game is being ported to Microsoft's motion control system.


In March, mobile game company Lima Sky announced that its smash hit Doodle Jump had sold more than 10 million copies and that a Kinect port was on the way. Now, another mobile game appears to be making the leap to Microsoft's new full-body gesture-recognition technology.

Fruit Ninja appears to be slicing its way onto Kinect.
Fruit Ninja appears to be slicing its way onto Kinect.

According to Korea's Game Ratings Board (via Siliconera) the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone smash hit will see release on the Kinect sometime in the future. Presently, neither Microsoft nor Ninja Fruit developer Halfbrick have said a word about the project.

The mobile version of Fruit Ninja has players slicing up various fruits by swiping their finger across the screen. It is unknown how the game will work with the Kinect. However, some German students last month created their own playable version (viewable below).

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