Frontlines: Fuel of War Designer Diary #2 - Unleash the Drones of War

Learn about all the cool mechanical remote-control war machines at your disposal in this large-scale first-person action game.


With its large levels and emphasis on infantry and vehicle combat, Frontlines: Fuel of War is a game that follows in the footsteps of the Battlefield series. Set in the near future, Frontlines is about a war between the Western Coalition and the Red Star Alliance for control of the world's last oil reserves. In the single-player and multiplayer campaigns, you'll engage in large-scale battles, using every weapon and vehicle at your disposal. This arsenal includes drones, which are remote-control war machines that you can use if you decide to equip your character with the drone-tech capability. Drones will let you take the enemy out without exposing your precious hide. We'll let Dennis Crow from developer Kaos Studios explain. Frontlines will ship next year.

The Drones of War

By Dennis Crow
Associate Producer, Kaos Studios

Want to know more about the drone-tech role in Frontlines: Fuel of War? I'm Dennis Crow from the Frontlines development team, and I'm here to help.

They may look like cute little toys, but drones are deadly serious business in Frontlines.
They may look like cute little toys, but drones are deadly serious business in Frontlines.

For the uninitiated, drones represent one of the many truly unique layers of gameplay found in Frontlines. Drones can destroy tanks, bring down helicopters, decimate opposing defenses, and take out that annoying sniper lying prone on the roof. They allow the player freedom to be at two, three, or even four places at once. If you're putting together a squad for some multiplayer actions, having a drone-tech player on your side is always a smart move.

Here is a breakdown of the lethal drone arsenal available to players in Frontlines. Don't forget to check out our latest video, which shows our drones tearing it up in combat!

Western Coalition drone techs have access to the flying MQ38 Hunter Drone. This recon unit can remotely scout combat environments and relay the presence of hostile forces back to all allied units. The Hunter also carries a small explosive payload, allowing users to detonate it on the fly, taking out nearby enemies and structures.

More advanced drone-tech operatives have access to the AQ series of drones. The AQ431 Assault Drone is a twin-tread armored assault drone with mounted 7.62mm minigun. It excels at providing suppressing and covering fire for friendly troops, as well as assaulting enemy infantry. The assault drone allows the operator to decimate enemy forces while remaining out of harm's way.

When facing entrenched or heavily armored targets, the AQ432 Mortar Drone is a soldier's best friend. It utilizes the same twin-tread chassis as the AQ431, but replaces the minigun with a set of four 60mm mortar cannons. Because the ammunition is stacked in the mortar tubes, the drone is able to pound enemy armor and fixed-gun positions into quick submission.

Red Star Alliance drone techs have a number of drones at their disposal as well. The TR1 Tiger Runner Assault Drone is the ultimate Red Star antivehicle weapon. While it may look like a child's toy, the TR1 carries enough explosive power to zip under and destroy any vehicle currently on the field. In addition, the Tiger Runner can operate on nearly any surface, thanks to its oversized wheels and ground-hugging design.

The TE1 Tiger Eye Recon Drone is a modified civilian R/C helicopter, which has been outfitted with a radar array to relay enemy locations to friendly soldiers. The Tiger Eye also carries a demolition charge, making it something of a flying bomb.

Drones will let you attack targets from a position of relative safety.
Drones will let you attack targets from a position of relative safety.

The TC1 Tiger Claw Attack Drone is an upgraded version of the TE1 Tiger Eye Recon Drone. While maintaining the radar capabilities of the TE1, the addition of a second set of rotors improves handling and provides stability for the six side-mounted rocket tubes. The Tiger Claw has the same radar as the TE1, but the addition of rockets allows the drone to take out soft targets, as well as light armored vehicles.

While the drones are very powerful and versatile tools, there are many things on the battlefield that can put them (and you) in mortal peril. EMP technicians have a number of tools designed to aggravate the drone-tech player. To begin with, their radar-absorption ability allows them to remain hidden from your drone's radar array. In addition, their EMP rockets and EMP generators are designed to disrupt any electrical currents nearby. This includes drones, and can render your arsenal useless. Also, watch out for sharpshooters trying to pick you off, and remember that you are venerable while controlling a drone! Try enlisting your squad mates for protection while operating a drone.

Have fun, know your role, and I'll see you in Frontlines!

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