Frontier Is Canned

One of the first multiplayer games announced for the Sega Dreamcast is no more.


GameSpot learned that Sega of America has cancelled the development of the network game Frontier for the Dreamcast. The game, which was being developed by Turbine Entertainment Software, was one of the first games announced for the US Dreamcast. It was touted by former Sega of America CEO Bernie Stolar as a massively multiplayer space combat and exploration game that would allow thousands of players to explore the same space at the same time. Charles Bandes, senior producer of business development at Turbine, confirmed for GameSpot that "Sega and Turbine mutually decided to cancel the development of Frontier and devote their respective resources to other exciting projects." Neither party provided reasons for the cancellation of the Dreamcast game.

Turbine Entertainment is also responsible for the popular massively multiplayer game Asheron's Call. Currently the company is involved with several new projects - details of which could not be announced at this time - and is also licensing its advanced-engine technology.

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