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Front Mission 3 Remake Coming Alongside 1 & 2 Remakes

Nintendo outlined a release cadence for the planned Front Mission remakes on Switch and confirmed a remake of 3 is also in the works.


During Nintendo's September 13 Direct presentation it showed off some of the Front Mission and Front Mission 2 remakes, confirmed 3 is also being worked on, and shared release windows.

The remake of Front Mission is planned for November. The remake of Front Mission 2 (a game that originally did not release outside of Japan) is coming in 2023. Front Mission 2 adds 80 new skills from the first game. Finally, Nintendo revealed Front Mission 3 will come... eventually. Mainly, Nintendo was just confirming that it is in developer.

If you're unfamiliar, Front Mission originally launched on the PlayStation from Square Enix. It's a strategy series about battling and customizing giant mechs in a sci-fi world. You can read more about the game in its original announcement news story.

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