From Software to release new samurai game

New historical samurai action game called The Story of Hero Yoshitsune for the PlayStation 2 coming to Japan in early 2005.


TOKYO--From Software has opened a teaser page for a new samurai action game for the PlayStation 2, The Story of Hero Yoshitsune. While details on the game have yet to be disclosed, From Software labels The Story of Hero Yoshitsune as a "turf-war action game," suggesting that the player will be pitted against an army of rival samurai.

Several characters for the game have already been announced. The main character, Minamotono Yoshitsune, is a historical samurai general from the late 12th century who tragically committed suicide after his brother turned against him. There is also Ushiwakamaru, which is actually Yoshitsune's former name at youth but is treated in the game as a separate character. The third character is Musashibo Benkei, a historical monk warrior who, according to legend, died while protecting Yoshitsune from a shower of arrows.

The Story of Hero Yoshitsune is slated for release in January 2005 in Japan.

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