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From Software announces its 2002 software lineup

Armored Core 3, Shadow Tower sequel, and new Xbox and GameCube games are announced.


From Software has revealed its software lineup for 2002 in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine. The company plans to support all three major consoles with a variety of game releases. The PlayStation 2 will receive one original game and two sequels, most notably Armored Core 3. The Microsoft Xbox will receive two new games, one an action title and the other a strategy RPG seemingly aimed at the Japanese market. Finally, the already announced Rune will be joined by a 3D action RPG in From Software's GameCube lineup.

PlayStation 2

Armored Core 3 - Kawamori Shoji returns as the mech designer for the sixth installment of the series. The game is currently 5 percent complete, and it's scheduled for a summer 2002 release.
Shadow Tower Abyss - This game is the sequel to the 3D dungeon RPG released on the PS in 1999. Scheduled for release in spring 2002.
Code: Inferno [project name/working title] - This is an action-RPG where players assume the role of a masked warrior named White Demon, who wields a giant cross called the Holy Key as his weapon.


Murakumo - This is a sci-fi action game where players join an anticrime task force named Murakumo. Players will assume control of a type of mech called an ARK (pronounced "arc") and complete each mission in a limited amount of time. The game is currently 10 percent complete.
Gaia Blade - This is a real-time simulation RPG set in a fantasy world. Players choose one of 12 races and embark on various quests. Each unit will have its own AI, and players will need to gain experience in order to make them better.


Rune [working title] - This previously announced title is now about 30 percent complete.
Gold Star Mountain - This is a 3D action-RPG where players train and raise animals that have a mind of their own. The main character is a young boy who uses a gun as his weapon. The game is divided into two parts: training animals and battles. Items acquired during battle can be used to raise the animals.

Currently, only conceptual sketches have been shown for Shadow Tower Abyss, Gold Star Mountain, and Code Inferno--no in-game screenshots were available at press time.

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