From Russia With Love Bond girl confirmed

Former <i>Entertainment Tonight</i> host Maria Menounos signs on to play role of Eva in EA's new James Bond game.


From Russia With Love

Yesterday, reports on the Web gave word that Natasha Bedingfield was set to have a role in Electronic Arts' upcoming From Russia With Love. EA has not yet confirmed that the singer, a native of New Zealand and now topping the charts in the UK, will be featured in the game.

Things are a bit different today, though. The publisher did confirm a new femme that would lend her likeness and voice to the game--but it's not Bedingfield. EA announced that Maria Menounos will "star" as Eva, an original character created specifically for the game. Eva is archenemy Red Grant's driver and henchwoman.

The fetching Menounos recently appeared in 20th Century Fox's Fantastic Four as "The Sexy Nurse," and was best known as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. Prior to that, she was a joy to teenage boys as the international host for Channel One News, a news show broadcast in schools. She's also had a recurring role as Jules in One Tree Hill, and has hosted a few award shows.

"I am honored to be a Bond girl and be a part of the Bond legacy," said Menounos. "To star in a video game with Connery, the original Bond, is incredible."

From Russia With Love is scheduled for a fall release on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube.

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