From Retirement, The Undertaker Has Started Doing Cameo Videos

No resting in peace just yet for the wrestler.


There have been two constants this year as we have all adapted to the new realities that the coronavirus has ushered in: Times are hard and things are weird. In line with both those throughlines, recently retired professional wrestler The Undertaker has done as many celebrities this year and leaned into the extra income that Cameo allows.

As of this writing, the performer--whose real name is Mark William Calaway--has eight perfect five-star ratings from extremely satisfied customers who have already received personalized video messages. The reviews themselves are entertaining, but none hold a candle to the videos themselves--which Twitter user BossMoz has thankfully curated a bit and posted online for the rest of us to enjoy. Remember that these cost $1,000 apiece, which is arguably the best use of money for surviving the pandemic right now:

The rest can be viewed on The Undertaker's Cameo site, but the truly zaniest ones were collected in the Twitter thread by BossMoz. As he also notes, "He did one I think for a nurse working with COVID patients, and it's the only one he hasn't ended with a big 'rest in peace.'"

The Undertaker's feedback is also pretty funny and heartfelt. One anonymous review reads: "After 30 years, no matter what event I've gone to and watched you wrestle, Mark, you have always brought me a kick in the ass to follow my passion as you've followed yours (mine happens to be PR in the music business for 21 years thus far). THANK YOU. Thank you for turning that light on in my heart to push myself at shows and with the bands. I appreciate all you have done for the fans as well as myself. So, to you sir, a long nod of respect. Much respect and love to you and your beautiful family. R.I.P. Undertaker."

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