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Green Man Gaming says counterpart to Xbox 360 Summer of Arcade title pushed back nearly a month.


Earlier this month, it appeared that Ubisoft's From Dust was going to be a notable exception to the rule of Xbox Live Summer of Arcade exclusivity windows, with both the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game debuting on July 27. With just two days to go, it appears that might not happen after all, as UK-based downloadable retailer Green Man Gaming posted on its Twitter feed today that Ubisoft has pushed the PC version of the game back until August 17. As of press time, a Ubisoft representative had not yet returned GameSpot's request for confirmation.

Come and get it! (Next month.)
Come and get it! (Next month.)

From Dust casts players as a supernatural force looking out for indigenous tribes in a seeming paradise beset by natural disasters. By transporting land, water, vegetation, and lava around tropical environs, players can open up new pathways for villagers and protect them from earthquakes and other calamities. The various threats in the game can also be turned to the players' advantage; for example, a well-placed tsunami could extinguish wildfires rather than sweep away villages.

The game is the latest project from designer Eric Chahi. The developer is best known for his 1991 platforming puzzle game Another World, which was released in North America as Out of This World. The game made use of rotoscoped graphics for a number of its animations and was featured in the 2011 Game Developers Conference's program of classic game postmortems.

From Dust will sell for $15 on Ubisoft's own downloadable storefront, as well as Steam, GameStop, and other downloadable game purveyors. A PS3 version of the game has also been announced, but Ubisoft has no current release window for the game.

For more on From Dust, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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