Frogger 2 Preview

Frogger makes his second 3D outing with Frogger 2 and hopes to improve on the strengths of the first with more enemies, more levels, and more amphibian action.


Not to be confused with Frogger 2: Threeedeep for the Atari 5800, Frogger 2 is a sequel to 1997's 3D incarnation of everyone's favorite suicidal toad. Injecting the series with a bit more depth, Frogger 2 introduces a villain, the evil kidnapping alligator Swampy, and Lily, a pink companion with whom Frogger alternates level duties. In this installment, Swampy has kidnapped all of Frogger and Lily's young, and has scattered them across several worlds of 3D hopping action. It's Frogger and Lily's duty to get them back.

So the gauntlet has been thrown down. As either Frogger or Lily, depending on the level, you hop around all three dimensions, avoiding enemies, picking up extra lives and power-ups such as the quick hop and the auto hop, rescuing baby Froggers, and generally trying not to get yourself made into a greasy spot on the road. With themed levels ranging from underground ant colonies to Aztec pyramids and futuristic space stations, one thing is crystal clear: This ain't your daddy's Frogger. Along with the primary goal of collecting the baby Froggers, there are also coins scattered throughout the levels. When all the coins in a level are collected, bonus modes and levels are unlocked. Along with the standard single-player mode, there is also a four-player competition mode.

Frogger's 1997 incarnation gave the Frogger concept a complete overhaul, adding that oh so important third dimension and more depth, as well as a larger variety of levels, new types of jumps, multiple goals, a more complex puzzle-game feel, and a toe-tappin' soundtrack. Frogger 2 doesn't have such lofty goals, content with just giving the last installment a tune-up. Expect larger levels, higher character detail, and higher frame rate, thanks to the Dreamcast hardware. As for the catchy tunes, Frogger 2 looks set to outdo Frogger in spades, escalating toe-tappin' to rump-shakin'.

With darker, more adult-themed games populating the video game market, Hasbro Interactive brings an alternative with bright graphics, solid puzzle gaming, and a unique take on a classic gaming icon. Frogger 2 is set for a September 2000 release.

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