Frogger 2 Preview


Don't call it a comeback; he's been here for years. Frogger, the adventurous amphibian with a death wish is back on the PlayStation in a shiny new sequel called Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge. The original, which went on to become a multimillion-selling hit, was a moderate critical success, renewing the same tried and true gameplay elements, while adding a third dimension. The game consists of one simple concept: Cross the road without becoming frogburger. Not an easy task when traffic is zooming back and forth, regardless of your situation. However, while not the most complex game in the world, Frogger was apparently a game that appealed to many. Reviewer Joe Fielder even called it " an enjoyable title."

Well, the sequel hopes to improve on the groundwork laid by the first reincarnation. Frogger 2 will contain dozens of levels, purported "loads" of new enemies to avoid, an enhanced "super-hop," a power-croak, and bug-seeking tongue powers. Plus, Frogger has a friend named Lillie. There are four-player modes and improved 3D graphics. The game will release at a low price point of $29.99 MSRP in most stores, making it an attractive family game. Frogger 2 will arrive in stores September 2000.

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